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The prompt for today’s blog is:

Describe your ideal day off.  What would you do with your time?
Coincidentally, I’ve been off three days this week to help me to narrow exactly what it is.

Wednesday was a quiet day. I caught up on laundry, spent some time with Hubs and Bae at our local YMCA, and then picked up the other two from school. Aside from the cleaning, that was pretty much ideal.

Yesterday, I had a ton of stuff to get done, but wasted a lot of time on Facebook. I did end up getting some stuff done, but not all of the things I wanted or expected to. And a lot of the day involved cleaning up the house in preparation for today.

Today, right now in fact, Hubs and I are in the car for a long drive to Canada for the weekend. The older two are with their dad, and Bae and the dog are spending some quality time with their Aunty. I may have pics next week.

My ideal day is a combination of those things. A clean house is nice, but I’d rather it was done magically by our house elf. Family and travel is always fun. Not so much the long drive – but time together is fantastic.

How do you enjoy a day off?

NaBloPoMo November 2015

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo

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  1. When I have a day off which is about once a month we like to go for long drives just the two of us. We haven’t lived here very long so it’s pretty much always something new. We’ve found of really fun things to do this way or we just drive then we grab dinner and come home and..(I only left two dots because we’re old hahahaha!)

  2. I was just thinking about this because I almost had one over the weekend. The kids were gone and we did so much work, but we also had fun. So my ideal day off is a big breakfast, a dog park walk, some moosing, snuggles and movies, a hot coffee and.. stuff I shouldn’t say here. But maybe you follow?

    1. Author

      I follow. I spent a good part of my kid less weekend doing some of those things. Except for coffee. I like tea.

  3. Digging into a new recipe from too many cookbooks, poking around collectible shops and thrift stores, trying out a new bike route in Amish country with my husband, making pasta or yogurt from scratch, hosting a dinner party with neighbors and friends, hiking in the UK with our son and daughter-in-law.

  4. Have a wonderful weekend. One of the best things I enjoy doing on my days off is exploring new territory. My husband is as curious as me so when we get time to just explore, and then maybe stop and have lunch somewhere new, we are always happy. Where I live the weather is simply gorgeous this time of year so this weekend might be the perfect opportunity!

  5. Oh! Do enjoy your trip!

    A day off (which happens to be happening to me today) involves a slow start (check), copious amounts of tea (check), a bit of clean up (on the list), some time outside (on the list), something creative (crochet is at my side, always), and some good food (not sure what yet). It’s shaping up to be a good one 🙂

  6. This brought me to a dead stop as I considered the question. There are those days when the accomplishment of the to do list feels great. Those when snuggling l, reading, binge watching are.necessary to restore. But to just design a day? That’s going to take aome teal thought.

  7. Day off? Sleep. Gym. Write. Maybe see a friend or Niece and Neff. Hope your long drive goes well xo

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