The Real Meaning of Starbucks Red Cups

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard about the latest, incredibly important issue currently dominating the news.  International coffee chain, Starbucks, has put out…

Wait for it…

plain red cups in advance of the holidays. (Cue the mystery music…)

I’ve put on my investigative reporting cap—and have uncovered the thick plot deep at the heart of the controversy.

Please stop over to MockMom to read my report about the Starbucks CEO confirming the real meaning of the cups.


  1. An entertaining post! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been sadly won over by these red cups the last few days! There is so much hub over the “holiday cups” I thought I was missing a deeper meaning to what looked to me like plain red cups!

  2. Went there today. Got a gingerbread latte. Didn’t even notice the cup! Sheesh. I can’t wait to read this.

  3. I live in the middle of nowhere but the large holiday plaza hotel is about 5 mins drive away and it now has a starbucks! My daughter & I enjoy our Xmas treat of Egg Nog latte & Caramel latte there when she visits

  4. I knew it!

    Going to go grab a grande Pike Place now to celebrate.

    Also, you are hilarious!

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