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I’m jumping up and down – because I DID IT!  I have posted every day for the last 30 days and I am officially finishing my first National Blog Posting Month (#NaBloPoMo) with this post!

It’s been a long haul as I talked about in Saturday’s post – but it was worth it.  Another check mark on my bucket list – and a whole list of new writing goals.  I registered yesterday to take my first writing course in twenty years.  I’m excited to start.

Today – I’d like to encourage you all to support a writer.  Just your eyes and clicks help, buying at online shops helps – and buying books helps.  It feeds families and it allows writers to continue to fuel your imaginations.  In support of some of my favorite bloggers – I’m featuring a few books on the Live By Surprise blog today.

Dear Stephanie – by Mandi Castle

This is a fictional tale that follows Paige Preston, who wants to end her life. The Kindle book is on sale this month in the Amazon store for $2.99.  My dear friend Lizzi reviewed the book shortly after it came out (and as I can’t compete, you can read it by following this link.)


Spending the Holidays with People I Want to Punch In the Throat – Jen Mann

Jen Mann’s hilarious essay about the Elf on the Shelf started a series of hilarious books. This one is the latest and it’s a must have including her essays entitled “You Can Keep Your Cookies, I’m Just Here for the Booze”, “Nice Halloween Costume. Was Skank Sold Out?” and “Why You Won’t Be Invited to Our Chinese New Year Party”.

Who Pooped on the Corpses and Other Pressing Life Concerns – Lola Lolita

This book by the mind behind Sammiches and Psych Meds is  collection of essays delivering whimsical, honest, and sarcastic commentary about parenthood and politics – with a good amount of potty humor.  If you need a good laugh – this is the book for you.


If you have a chance, check out any of these books and you’ll have a great time – they also make great stocking stuffers!

This is my final blog post for the 2015 #NaBloPoMo, #NaBloPablano and the Yeah Write Me NoMo Challenge.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

November 2 - #NaBloPoMo

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  1. Hey thanks so much for the book shout out, but more than that…congrats. That is a lot of writing!!! Well done you! Keep it up.

  2. Congrats on the milestone! I didn’t realize it was your first NaBloPoMo. Great job, and Thanks! I really appreciated having your support and encouragement during the challenge.

  3. Nice job! I have my last one to do right now and I’ll be finished as well 🙂 I’m sending you a virtual “cheers” with a virtual wine glass right now!

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