Breast isn't Always Best

I want to say upfront that I judge no woman who makes an effort to ensure that her child is appropriately nourished. I struggled with it – but I breastfed all three of my children for six months each. Despite hours of daily pumping, doulas, lactation specialists, medications, teas – my body never produced enough milk for any of them. At the recommendation of my medical team, I supplemented using a supplemental nursing system (instead of a bottle, I taped a tube to my breast). I treasured the time I spent with all three of them – but I did resent the fact that my body failed me, and caused mountains of extra effort. Once I’d finished, I wondered if the effort was worth it. In the end, for me and my children, I believe it was the right choice. But it was my choice. And I believe that each mother should have the right to make her own choices without fear of judgement.

And there are some pretty judgy people out there. Men and (mostly) women who see breasts as “sexual” – to be hidden. These are the people who admonish women for feeding their children in public. And similarly, there are those among the breastfeeding set who believe that breastfeeding is the only way to go. They loudly protest bottle feeding in anything other than dire medical circumstances as “unnatural”.

However you are able to provide nourishment for your baby – I am not going to judge you. You have every right to chose what you think is best for your baby. Today I may have taken a swipe at the judgy people though – check it out on MockMom.

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  1. The pressure to breastfeed is so real. If you do it your gross if you don’t or can’t you’re a failure. I breast and formula fed my daughter because that’s what worked for us. Breastfeeding can be challenging for mothers especially when we’re constantly being judged.

    1. Author

      Anything is challenging if your every move is examined under a microscope. But you’re right. I remember having trouble at the beginning with my son. My lactation consultant was a judgy cow who made me feel completely inadequate. That’s just wrong.

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