Conversation In the Freezer - #Microstory 1

You were in pain for a week?

I don’t understand.  The doctor’s office was friendly and efficient.  You could have made an appointment at a moment’s notice.  They say it could have been fixed!

It’s too late now.  Your funeral is tomorrow.

Image Credit:  morguefiles

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  1. Typical. Nobody wants to think about their health.

  2. Stubborn! Like my Grandfather, an Audobon society nut of a rural farmer. Sawed three fingers off his left hand building a birdhouse but refused to go to the doctor. Gangrene set in and he still wouldn’t go.
    On a lazy August afternoon, it ceased to matter. As he laid down for a nap before lunch and never awoke.

    1. Author

      My grandfather was much the same. Died of appendicitis. Completely preventable…but he wouldn’t see a doctor.

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