The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

I don’t know you that well.  A lottery ticket is usually an easy gift – more of a dream than a reality.

Over $300 mil for Powerball.  So I got you one.

And then…I won.

Enjoy your shakeweight.

Bought my own island.

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18 thoughts on “The Christmas Gift

    • Live by Surprise
      Live by Surprise says:

      LOL. I thought everyone knew – but I had to teach my sister to do it last week! Fingers crossed for lucky tickets. Although I think he’s already been pretty lucky. happy holidays to all three of you.

  1. Avatar
    tamaralikecamera says:

    I put two scratch tickets in Cassidy’s stocking. I’m hoping he DOES win so he can take me to Alaska.
    Now, it’s more likely we’ll win $20, tops. It’s no powerball.

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