The Clinic Called...

Months of injections. Intrusive exams.  Gruelling scans. Scheduled sex – not fun.

Negative tests.


What?  It’s not negative?

It’s positive?

Say again?

In my belly? Are you sure?  Our little bean!  Thirty-six weeks left!

I didn’t even know the party had started!

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  1. Ah, a success story. Maybe Lindsay will write hers as a microstory some day.

    1. Author

      No worries Rena. You will need some time with all that’s going on. Hugs to you and your family.

  2. Awesome microstory. Not just the STORY but the way you tell it. Do you often do these? You’ve got the emotions popping off the page. Well done!

    1. Author

      I try to do one once a week. puts up a prompt. This one didn’t make the voting grid – but I liked the way it turned out regardless. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. MICROSTORIES! You captured it so perfectly! It’d likely take me more than 248 tries and just as many DELETES to do what you just did! LOL

    What a fabulous little story with a BIG ending! Here’s to a great weekend for you, Hubs, and your growing little bean! <3

  4. Microstories! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?! AND HOW BRILLIANTLY YOU DID IT! Me, I think it’d take me 248 tries and a great deal of DELETE DELETE DELETE to pull off one of those mini stories!

    But you captured it all so effectively! BIG props to you and your growing bean… 😉

    Love coming to you for the weekend! <3

    1. Author

      My bean isn’t so little any more…he’ll be three this July…

      Thanks Annah. Always lovely to have you here.

      1. Haha…yes! I should have clarified a little differently…was re-using “bean” from your story, thinking that “growing” would make the distinction…lol Wasn’t thinking about the little bean getting bigger in utero! 😉

        Silly me! <3

  5. AW! I just love how you can capture ALL the *feels* in such a short piece. You are SO good at that. What a journey you must have endured to get your little bean!! I love good endings… <3

  6. THAT IS BEYOND EXCITING! I was recently told by my doc that I would only be able to get pregnant through InVitro. For the time being, that’s okay because I don’t want kids, but I know fiance wants them in the future and I am sure I am going to want to have one or two little ones… I mean, our kids are going to be friggin’ knock-outs if I do say so myself (future husband = SUPER STUD, lol).

  7. Not sure if this is fiction or it’s about you, Liv. Wishing you the very best in the year, either way! 🙂

    1. Author

      It’s about me…but it’s a reflection of what I went through to have my two year old. Thank you Corinne. Happy 2016 to you too!

    1. Author

      I guess so. It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through – and it really tested my relationship. When they did call, I really didn’t believe her. I had her repeat the result three times. And I’d already made the decision to give up trying. In the end, it was worth it – and my relationship survived – but I can understand why so many don’t.

      1. It was certainly one of the factors, but not the majorest. But OYYYYYh it’s awful process to go through. So glad it worked for you, Sweetie. SO GLAD.

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