The Clinic Called…

The Clinic Called...

Months of injections. Intrusive exams.  Gruelling scans. Scheduled sex – not fun.

Negative tests.


What?  It’s not negative?

It’s positive?

Say again?

In my belly? Are you sure?  Our little bean!  Thirty-six weeks left!

I didn’t even know the party had started!

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25 thoughts on “The Clinic Called…

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    Annah Elizabeth says:

    MICROSTORIES! You captured it so perfectly! It’d likely take me more than 248 tries and just as many DELETES to do what you just did! LOL

    What a fabulous little story with a BIG ending! Here’s to a great weekend for you, Hubs, and your growing little bean! <3

  2. Avatar
    Annah Elizabeth says:

    Microstories! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?! AND HOW BRILLIANTLY YOU DID IT! Me, I think it’d take me 248 tries and a great deal of DELETE DELETE DELETE to pull off one of those mini stories!

    But you captured it all so effectively! BIG props to you and your growing bean… 😉

    Love coming to you for the weekend! <3

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    GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    THAT IS BEYOND EXCITING! I was recently told by my doc that I would only be able to get pregnant through InVitro. For the time being, that’s okay because I don’t want kids, but I know fiance wants them in the future and I am sure I am going to want to have one or two little ones… I mean, our kids are going to be friggin’ knock-outs if I do say so myself (future husband = SUPER STUD, lol).

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