The Bridge of Brodgar

This week’s YeahWriteMe challenge involved a photo prompt.  The above photo of the Bridge of Brodgar inspired today’s microstory and follows the continuing stories of the Troll and Magdelene.

Near the milestone, the troll watched, gnarled feet edging the loch.

As the water drained, Magdelene spied a queer opening under the bridge to her left.

She waded, finding a small wooden door.

The wet gold letters of the next clue beckoned.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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    1. Author

      Ha! I hadn’t thought of that but (unfortunately) I’m very (very) familiar with that episode. Thanks!

  1. “gnarled feet edging the loch” is perfect. How fun to watch the story continue to unfold.

  2. I do so love Magdelines’ continued adventures and how you are able to string the prompts together into a cohesive story!

  3. I innuendoed HARD in this

    Wait…*whips head around*…I SAID HARD!


    Seriously though. I do want to know the next clue, even if it’s wet 😉

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