The Cheese Stands Alone

SNAP! Hard footsteps pound towards the noise as I escape.

Heart throbbing, I scurry behind the wall and out of sight, tasting the prize but unable to swallow it.

“Little bastard gets the cheddar every time! I give up. Call an exterminator.”

Image Credit: Suat Eman /

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  1. HAHA! We use glue traps, though I don’t like them because they aren’t quick and painless… Thankfully, Hubby manages those things so this gal doesn’t have to. Hopefully your guy for hire took care of your little problem!

  2. So clever to put the whole picture in so few words. Yes, they almost always DO get the cheese, little buggers!

  3. I am so not a fan of mice and would so be calling an exterminator here to be completely honest, but give you A for effort for even trying with traps and cheese!

    1. Author

      I’d send Hubby in first, but if that didn’t work in like an hour (while I’m out shopping), the exterminator would be my next call!

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