Recipe for a New You After Divorce

Recipe for a New You After Divorce

I refer to the period between my separation and divorce as my “cocooning” period.  I hibernated, lost a ton of weight, and didn’t take extremely good care of myself. For the better part of a year, I licked my wounds.  But when I emerged from my cocoon, I’d done a great deal of introspection – and had a better understanding of myself.  When I was ready to let go of anger, regret and grief, I started on a new path that ultimately helped me to rediscover who “I” was – beyond the “we” that I became when I got married.

I discuss these feelings and my advice for the newly divorced today on Lisa Thomson’s website:  A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage.

Stop back again tomorrow to find out more about Lisa and her book when she guest posts at Live by Surprise!

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14 thoughts on “Recipe for a New You After Divorce

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    Annah Elizabeth says:

    So happy you came back around to YOU! LOVE the imagery in this post…and…we are so connected, Liv… Of all the words to use in a blog post, we both used “cocoon” in today’s writing… Looking forward to reading the article over at Lisa’s site! <3

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    lrconsiderer says:

    Wish I could lose a bunch of weight through introspection. Still, I think I’ve done alright at thinking about who I am, and who I want to be. Guess it’s one of those catalyst times of life.

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    Roshni says:

    Rediscovering ‘I’ is a great exercise irrespective of which stage of life you are in!
    I couldn’t see the link for your article on Lisa’s website though!

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