Simian Antics

Simian Antics

The prompt on this week’s haiku horizons is “monkey”. Of course, I’m intimately acquainted with the species, having given birth to three of them. My poem this week is also inspired by a sick day home with my youngest.

Monkeys swing from branches
Mine lies ill in his soft bed
I try to cheer him.

He resists at first
Then his giggles betray him
He’s getting better!

By the setting sun
He’s aping about the house
Monkey’s out of bed.

Image credit: Tina Phillips /

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32 thoughts on “Simian Antics

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    SueM says:

    I loved it your haiku cascade! It brightened my day! I gave birth to four monkeys two that are teens now. Believe me teenage monkeys are just as mischievous as younger ones. But they are fun and delightful, too.

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