Are You Still in There?

Where did my baby go?

Seems just yesterday you were toddling, smiling with your toothless grin.

Now you sleep in.  Hormones raging. And you growled at me this morning.

It’s harder to like you now – but the love is still there.



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    S/he is still in there. What you hope is that they live long enough to grow up and mellow out and then you get them back. That’s what i’ve been through with mine.

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    The joys of teenagers! (Though mine are still toddling & can be pretty grumpy too!)

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    Every parent can relate to this! Beautifully (and efficiently) said. It would take me 1100 words to summon that emotion.

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    ahhhh the “joys” of teenagers – fortunately they eventually grow into wonderful adults x

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    Ohhh bless your boots. Tough when the attitudes start (I say with authority, because it was tough on my mum when mine did)

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