I'm Cultured.  Really.  I Am.

My parents were cultured.  We went once a year to a Christmas Pantomime.  They took us to the ballet.  We sang Gilbert and Sullivan in the car, and listened to classical music.  My exposure to the “Opera” was very limited though.  So limited that when Hubs and I went to the Opera this past week, I was reminded of where and when I was exposed.

That’s right.  All of my memories related to Opera are limited to what I watched on television. You migh recognize the clip above, if you grew up in America in the eighties. It was on Sesame Street.  The one below, The Muppets (OK – that one actually wasn’t filmed until I was an adult, but I likes it anyways.)

Oh…that’s not the least of it.

Hubs love the Opera.  It was one of our first dates (after we saw Monty Python’s Spamalot – because come on…).   We got tickets to see Mozart’s The Magic Flute.  As I’d just had the car accident, we got box seats…but of course, I was reminded of…

So, you see, my exposure to the Opera was solid before Hubs came along.  Although I don’t recall Bugs taking three hours to get it done…

Did you listen to Opera as a kid? Do you like Opera now? Did this post bring back some good memories?

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  1. Unfortunately I never got a chance to listen to Opera!! I would love to if I get a chance 🙂

  2. Yes, the Waaa-Bit is what introduced me to opera, my love of it now is all due to the listening i’ve done since.

  3. Love this!! And yes, I’m definitely part of the “Kill the WAA-BIT, Kill the WAAA-BIT” children’s generation 🙂
    P.s. I love theater more than opera…just saw the touring group of _Book of Mormon_ yay! 🙂

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