Cut to Pieces

His spit hit her cheek as he breathed, “You’re fat. Worthless. I don’t know why I keep you around.”

She cringed internally as the last pieces of her self-esteem shattered. 

The wounds would never fully heal; even after they found his body.

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  1. Such a powerful story, your words made me shiver! I hope you will write some more. I am really impressed by your writing skills. Congrats!


  2. Sad story, but I’m thankful she held on to a piece of her shattered self-esteem to fight back.

  3. I guess she found the strength to fight back one final time.

  4. That last line didn’t pull any punches and punctuated this very dark tale nicely!

  5. You are SO good at these micro-stories. SO good. Every time I read one, I want the rest of the story- the before and the after…the BOOK. You’re writing a book, right?

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