Liar Liar

Turns out, our entire relationship was based on false pretense.

Your age.

Your job.

Your “happy” family.

Even your hair color.

Your sweaty brow betrays the heat. Stop trying to hide the smoke!

The spell is broken.

I can see the flames.

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  1. One thing people who lie hate is to be found out. Telling the truth is much easier.

  2. Haha, a fun (and sad) take on the prompt. I’m glad the liar was exposed.

  3. Such a detestable thing to do. I feel for your narrator. I think I’ll give her some extra kindling. 😉

  4. Why do people do that?! How infuriating for your narrator. I hope they can move on.

  5. I’m guessing your narrator won’t be running for an extinguisher 😉

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if people wore their insides on the out and the superfluous stuff didn’t matter?

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