When Life Hands You Asshats…

When Life Hands You Asshats...

Shannon Bradley Colleary, The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful, has dealt with her share of asshats in her life.  In fact, she could write a book.  (Actually, she is writing a book).  Luckily for Shannon, she’s used those experiences, and moved on – and she’ll be sharing what she’s learned with us in her book.

In my case, although I’d like to move on from the asshat in my life, as I’ve had children with him, I can’t.  So when Shannon asked me to guest post on her site, I decided to write a post about dealing with those asshats who just won’t go away.  You can catch me today at The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful – with my article “5 Wisdom Bites on How to Handle (Asshats)“.

How do you handle the asshat in your life?

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6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Asshats…

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    Jane Thrive says:

    True, true, true, Liv! You said it so well. Dealing with a$$hats…how I wish I didn’t have to deal with them, but your sage advice is like a how-to in handling them. 🙂

  2. Avatar
    messymimi says:

    You are right about taking a deep breath and not letting them get the better of you. That’s the difficult part.

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    lisa thomson-The Great Escape... says:

    Hehe. I love this title so much, Liv!! I can’t wait to read your article. I’ve never heard of this woman or her site, so thanks for the intro. How do I handle the A**hat in my life? By writing. By ignoring. By standing up for myself when necessary. 🙂

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