Name Your Fear

Conventional wisdom suggests that naming your fears will help you to conquer them.  While I have few remaining vestiges of the mental health trauma I experienced after the accident, I have discovered that I have developed a fear of enclosed spaces.  Specifically – I have a fear of long underwater tunnels.  I discovered this fear, quite unexpectedly, as Hubs and I were driving into Manhattan.  So when the haiku horizons prompt this week was “fear”, it was the first thing I thought of.  I don’t know if naming it will help, but here goes:

Entering tunnel
Crushing weight…dark thoughts…can’t breathe
First panic attack?

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  1. I used to cross the border every day for work and it was through an underground tunnel — that was under water. Ugh. That was hard for me and I didn’t have a traumatic experience so I couldn’t even imagine what you go through. Big giant hugs to you. It has to be really hard. You write beautifully. xo

  2. Oh.. the first one was long back… 🙂

  3. I am not a fan of tunnels either. I like your haiku and I like the idea of getting rid of fears by naming them.

  4. I do OK with those long underwater tunnels if I don’t think about them, you know? Once I start imagining what’s outside…forget it. Ever been on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel?

  5. Ah i like this! I would love to really name my fear to understand where it comes from, like you did here!

    This was a great post, I love the quickness of it.

  6. I just went through the Holland Tunnel a few times last week and I was thinking about that Stephen King movie.. The Stand. Ugh.
    For someone with anxiety, I’ve only experienced one true panic attack in my life and it was out in the great outdoors. So strange! I certainly prefer the country to anything else.

    1. Author

      It is really odd – and I had wondered if it was an anomaly until I walked through another tunnel and had similar feelings. At least now I’m aware of it I can prepare if it becomes necessary. And agreed. Outside is much better.

  7. I never take the harbour tunnel. Always cross over the bridge. I think it all depends on perspective. I think it is perfectly normal not to want to take underwater tunnels. I only fly because there is no alternative and if there were no alternatives to under water tunnels I would use them. It just means you are sensitive and imaginative.Most people are not and are not poets.

    1. Author

      Funny – I didn’t know I’d react that way until I was inside – and for a few minutes, I had no idea what was happening. I wasn’t especially concerned about the small space or the water and can’t remember any thoughts about it. Just the tightening and the inability to breathe. And yes…since then we’ve always taken the bridge.

  8. You have totally described your fear very well here! I hope this helps you conquer your fear.

    Wonderful one!

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