I Had A Dream

I had a dream.

Let me make this clear – this is no MLK speech.

As I was awakened this morning, I was yanked out of a dream that I was very much enjoying…that left my lady bits tingling.

Now before I tell you about the dream, I should let you know that my husband is one of the manliest men I’ve ever met (cue Monty Python). At 6’4”, two hundred and (cough cough) pounds, he’s built like a brick shithouse. He was a rugby player in his youth, and I’d hazard (although he’s never tried), he could bench press me. I have no questions whatsoever about his masculinity.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@LiveBySurprise” url=”https://livebysurprise.com/2016/05/i-had-a-dream.html”]My husband is one of the manliest men I know (cue Monty Python).[/tweetthis]

In my dream, I was in bed, much as I was when I woke up. On my back, covers to my neck, eyes closed as the last bit of my dream’s dream floated away. I felt the weight of a hand, peeling down the covers and stopping on the inside of my thigh. I opened my dream eyes to see my husband at the edge of the bed. As always, the first thing I noticed was his smile. He put his fingers to his lips, indicating to me that the children were still sleeping…and he had something in mind. I broke eye contact and looked down to see his broad chest. Hairy and slightly wet from his shower.

As my eyes drew lower, I saw that he was not only wearing a black tutu, but also black pull-up stockings. The tutu was lifted slightly, as his body betrayed what he was actually interested in.
Now, even in a dream-state, to find your husband in women’s clothing would likely be a bit traumatic to some women. I was not even slightly upset by it. Instead, in the dream, I reached under the tutu with one hand, pulled him down on top of me with the other hand, and asked if he had locked our bedroom door so we wouldn’t be disturbed.

And then of course, I woke up.

Freudian whatever be damned – I woke up with a lady woody. Not because I was gleefully happy that my husband likes to wear women’s clothing. Despite my belief that Caitlyn Jenner is a positive role model, I know that finding their husband in women’s clothing would give a lot of women pause. In my dream state, I knew that my husband had popped those things on to make me smile. And the fact that he still likes to make me smile is incredibly sexy. Truthfully, I’m so in love with him – that if he did express a proclivity to women’s clothing, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

As I woke for real, my husband had just finished his morning shower. As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, he blew me a kiss as he walked naked across the room to the closet to put his robe on. He opened the door to our room, and a few minutes later, brought our very awake two-year-old into bed. As he came around for his regular morning kiss, I felt a bit of deja vu. I suggested it was too bad that the baby had awoken…because I’d had something else in mind…

Have you ever had an…unexpected…dream about your significant other?

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  1. Woohoo!!! Cue sexy music ❤️☺️ And i agree, being with someone who loves to make you smile and laugh, very sexy indeed! Yay for good men in the world!! ☺️

  2. OOOOH hot and saucy… and yeah, I’ve had those dreams and often they take me back to the past and into the future… and they’re always so just UH.

  3. Hehe…I loved the way you wrote this, Liv. Yes, I’ve had some pretty hot dreams about my significant other. Also,I’ve had one where we are about to get at it, but realize we’re in a public place or people can see us. Weird. I like the image of your ‘large’ man in a black tutu with pull up stockings. Ha!

  4. I know I have had dreams about my husband, but I can’t remember them now. No crossing dressing, though. I do remember having a dream where I was mad at him, and that anger carried over into my waking hours. Poor guy had no idea what he did wrong!

  5. My Sweetie, in my dreams, tries to drive us over the edge of a bridge. Something wrong there.

  6. I have never had a sex dream about a partner while still in a relationship with them. Exes, though…yeah, I could probably write an anthology of dreams about them. Last night, for example, my most recent ex and I were getting it on in a planetarium (as you do), only we had to keep stopping because their current partner was there too and kept coming up to talk to us, so we had to pretend we weren’t doing anything.

    Apparently forbidden fruit is my thing.

  7. Not once did I have a sex dream about Exby. THAT should’ve told me something right there!

    Other people though…

  8. I think if Cassidy were to dress like Frank n Furter from Rocky Horror, it would give me no pause at all!

  9. OH I just love this. So hard. (hehe) Yes, of course, the unexpected dream has happened for me. Can’t say it ever involved a black tutu! 😀 Sometimes talking about those dreams together (or even just keeping it to yourself) can spark other connections and encounters.
    I think being with someone who clearly makes it a priority to make you happy is probably the best part of love there is. Ahh,love.

    1. Author

      I can’t say this particular one did it for Hubs…but it may have been because there was a toddler in our bed.

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