Mother's Curse Realized 15 Years Later

I remember the moment about 25 years ago.  I was a teenager – and ooohhh was I a teenager.  My parents had divorced, and quite frankly, I was a complete pain in the ass.  My mom grabbed me by the shoulders during a particularly intense argument that involved a lot of eye rolling, looked deep into my eyes and said – “I hope that some day you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU.  Today for MockMom, I’ve imagined what that might look like.  Pop by and have a look!

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  1. The good and the bad… I hope I have a daughter just like me! Okay, maybe just the good stuff… I, too, received my comeuppance when my cherubs were teenagers… 😉

    Happy to see your sense of humor intact and that you’re still making your writing rounds in the face of your new job! <3

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