It’s been a long three years since I was last pregnant (I’m not pregnant again…just to be clear, and I never will be), but this week’s haikuhorizons prompt “waves” got me thinking about the last time I was. How often do you get a chance to write a pregnancy haiku anyway? Although my other pregnancies had been progressively worse, I had high hopes that the last one would buck the trend, and I’d sail through it. After all, with four pregnancies and two births under my belt, I had to be a pro. Turns out that a trend is just that – if something is heading in a general direction, it’s not likely to just change.

The nausea hits
Check dignity at the door
Porcelain comfort

Porcelain comfort
As the waves start to subside
I take a deep breath

I take a deep breath
Grab dignity and I’m out…
The nausea hits

How about you? How many times have you been pregnant? Was there a trend? Or were you sick as I was?

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  1. One and done for me thankyouverymuch!
    I think the killer for me was the fatigue. I could sleep anywhere. Like I fell asleep in the ER – like working in the ER at the desk with machines beeping, doctor’s yelling…. Not my proudest moment.

    1. Ah ah, me and you both with the once and done..:) My odd thing was my breasts drove me crazy..tender..and itching all the time. At the oddest times:)

    2. Author

      I was tired…but I can’t recall falling asleep anywhere I didn’t intend to. They brought a bed in for one of the ladies I work with. I can’t even imagine falling asleep at work. Although – they do have beds in the ER…

  2. Five pregnancies, and i got sicker as time went on. The reason there weren’t six is because the doctors wouldn’t allow it!

  3. Twice for me! I wasn’t sick at all with Scarlet. Maybe three days of nausea which I think was just extreme stress.
    With Des, I felt seasick for about 7 weeks but we were moving at that time and I can’t help but wonder how much of it was psychosomatic. No vomiting at all, but definitely revulsion of food. And life.

  4. I have never been pregnant so I won’t try and relate :), but I like the haiku.

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