Kids Spending the Summer With The Ex? 7 Survival Tips

I’m now at day 15 of what will be a 16-day period without seeing my kids. They’ve spent the first part of summer with the ex. No surprise—the Goblin King was again difficult with vacation this year, but it does appear to have worked out in my favor. Once they’re back, I’ll have almost a full month with them (they’re back with their dad for three days in the middle). I’ve got great plans too—we’ve got a cabin booked for a week, and my daughter and I have plans to go zip-lining in the mountains (more to come on that!).

It’s felt a lot more difficult for me this time—we’ve had a few family parties and it just didn’t feel right without them there. Maybe it feels the same each time, I don’t know. It just feels wrong not to see them every day. All that added to the fact that the Goblin King is not keeping up his end of our contact agreement, and I went six full days without contact, and then only got a four minute phone call. I don’t find it makes me any more inclined to wonder if I should have stayed—if anything, it makes me feel more like I made the right decision in leaving. But it does leave me with a little extra time on my hands (even though I still have Bae and Hubs at home to keep me busy). Today I’m back at DivorcedMoms with some tips to keep you busy while your ex has the kids. Click on over to have a read?

Before you skip out, tell me in the comments—what do you get up to when your kids spend part of the summer with the ex?

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  1. There’s simply no such thing as easy when the ex insists on making it difficult.

  2. Wow. Well by now you’ve reunited I hope! I’m late here.
    My daughter’s best friend is experiencing her first summer with the new custody arrangement and it’s interesting. I keep the peace with both moms. It’s important to me to do that. And there is a lot of bickering about letting one call the kids when it’s not their “turn.” Ugh.
    I feel for you all!

  3. It’s hard to know whether you should be excited or sad when they are gone…

  4. I can’t even imagine. We have a blended family and have quite the schedule as well. Great read!

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