Challenge Pain: Face Your Fear

Over my birthday this year, we spent some time again this year in Mont Tremblant with the family. My birthday present from my husband was tickets to go zip-lining over the lush mountain ranges with my nine-year-old daughter (my eldest wasn’t interested in joining us). It was an amazing adventure and although my leg presented me with some challenges going both up and down the hill, I’m glad I went (and kudos to the staff—they were very patient despite the fact that I was very slow).

Ziplining Mont-TremblantI finally got my stuff together and edited the ziplining video from our time Ziptrek Écotours Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. Attached is an amalgam of my daughter’s zipline tour.

There were five lines. The first and last she went on her own (with me on the adjoining line). The second through fourth she went with one of the fabulous tour guides (she was underweight…so she had to go accompanied to make sure she made it to the other end). And for the very last one, she inverted and went feet up the entire way.

Posted by Live By Surprise on Tuesday, 9 August 2016

More and more, Hubs and I have been having discussions about the “challenges” that my leg continues to present. It’s not that I can’t do things. It’s more that they sometimes take a very long time to do, and when I’m done, I’m done. My pain levels have been manageable for the most part—but when I overexert myself, I pay a price. I’m even to the point where I can tell you almost exactly how many steps it will take for me to be “done”. (It’s around 7,500 if you’re interested).

In our last discussion, Hubs suggested that perhaps I should reconsider doing the things that leave me “done”. I know he means well. I know he worries about the price I pay for those over-exertions. I know that sometimes I can get a little snappy when I’m in pain.

But at the same time, I don’t want pain to rule my life until it actually rules my life. For now, I don’t want to make decisions based on whether or not I’m going to feel it in the morning. Because if I do, I won’t have the opportunities I have had. I never would have zip-lined if I’d thought about pain the next day. If I hadn’t jumped in with both feet, I wouldn’t have the amazing memory, something that both my daughter and myself will treasure.

[tweetthis]I don’t want pain to rule my life until it actually rules my life. #painmanagement[/tweetthis]

The truth is, there are some things I just can’t do any more. I wasn’t able to teach my elder two to ride a bike, and it’s quite likely I won’t be able to move fast enough to teach my youngest either. I was able to pick up and carry my eldest before the accident. If I’d known that I wouldn’t be able to do it again, I would have treasured so much that last time I carried him to bed. As it is, I have no memory of it. But now each time I carry my two youngest, I wonder if it’s the last time, and I treasure it as if it is.

The accident brought pain. It did. It’s my constant companion now.

But it also brought with it an awareness that I didn’t have before. It cast a new light on things that I might not have even seen before. A need to treasure every moment. To try to experience all the things. At least one time. To open myself to experiences that I might not have considered before. Because who knows how much time any of us has left.

If you have the chance—pop over and check out my article about our trip to Mont Tremblant on UrbanMommies.

And my friend Christine Carter has just released her new book, Help and Hope When You’re Healing—her inspirational words talk about adapting to yourself after injury. If you or someone you know is dealing with this type of situation, I’d encourage you to check it out.

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  1. I’m so sorry that you live in pain, but I applaud you in doing things when you can. I injured my back 3 years ago and only getting back to doing things that I could do before. There are days it just aches so very much, but I keep saying to myself “I won’t let my back rule my life.” It’s keeping me looking one step ahead. Keep going.

  2. I’m always so incredibly inspired by you, Liv. The way you manage to embrace life, despite the pain and the challenges? You amaze me. As I continue to fight these ongoing random attacks of illness, and many physical limitations myself- I will remember to live boldly too- just like you. It can be so very difficult- but I think we appreciate those moments we are well even more.

    1. Author

      It is difficult – but I don’t want to look back on my life and see myself as limited by my pain. I want to see that I was living the way I wanted to despite it. I’m sure you feel the same way!

  3. You are taking the right attitude — don’t let pain rule you until there’s no other choice.

  4. Wow!!! What an awesome video–you’re an inspiration! I’ve always wanted to zipline, I better hop to it. I am so sorry about the pain…I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it disappear. 🙁 My mom’s abilities have been severely curtailed due to her medical condition, and she is of the same mind as you–when I was visiting with the kids, she wouldn’t stop until she absolutely had to, because she wanted to be able to do things with them and create memories. <3 <3 <3 Kudos to you and your bravery, Liv.

  5. Wow, that sound of zip-lining. I’m happy to know it well.
    Pain is awful and I feel terribly for anyone in any bit of it, even when it’s me.
    I faced my roller coaster phobia today which was awesome!

  6. UGH I hate that you end up in pain so much. Having been in it pretty much constantly for the past 3 weeks, I’m learning that I end up very cranky and down with it, and I’m sad you face it such a lot. Kudos to you for not letting it hold you back until it absolutely has to *hugs*

    You’re an inspiration. And LOVE the share of Chris’ book. I want to do something too, soon.

    1. Author

      I’m probably getting to the point where I’m going to have to do something about it again. It’s been hard for me to concede it, but I’m getting there.

      And yes to Chris’ book – she’s amazing and I’ve been trying to find the time to get to reading the whole thing!

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