#NaBloPoMo - Living my Fandom

Today’s NaBlo prompt asks if being a fan helps to define who I am.

I don’t think it does. But I think I’m a fan because my favorite show (and character) and I have similar mindsets.

If this isn’t your first time here, you know that I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. The fourth Doctor was my first (and is still one of my favorites). I’ve watched the reboot series multiple times over. I’ve probably seen the first and second seasons at least ten times each (and possibly more).

I think the Doctor is a good man. He has to make difficult decisions sometimes, but I think, overall, he is good. And like him, I strive to make sure I’m making the right decision. It may be a difficult one. It may mean that someone loses. But I try to make sure it’s right.

“We all change, when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives. And that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be” – Eleventh Doctor (The Time of the Doctor)

I like to think that if you can learn, you can change. I’m not the same person I was twenty years ago. But I don’t judge her. She did some things that I wouldn’t do now. But she learned from them. And she turned out alright. And I’m proud of that.

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams” – Eleventh Doctor (The Almost People)

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#DoctorWho #NaBloPoMo”]I am and always will be the optimist. [/tweetthis]I prefer to be hopelessly optimistic. Even now, when there’s plenty to be pessimistic about, I don’t see the glass as half full or half empty. I know the glass can be refilled.

“This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!” – Ninth Doctor (The End of the World)

I can’t be anyone other than myself. I like to live my life authentically. I want to be me in everything I do.

“Books! The best weapons in the world!” – Tenth Doctor (Tooth and Claw)

What better way to get through life than learning? Reading?

“We’re all stories, in the end… just make it a good one, eh?” – Eleventh Doctor (The Big Bang)

This last quote – this defines who I want to be. When I get to the end, I want to be able to look back on my life and know that I lived it the way I wanted to live it. I want to write my own story.


    1. Author

      Yes…I’m watching The Crown on Netflix now and it’s so hard for me to separate Matt Smith the Doctor from his character on the series. I keep expecting him to say Geronimo.

  1. Loved your post. I am a huge Dr. Who fan. I think my favorite quote of the Doctor’s is “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

    And of course, “Timey wimey.”

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