Challenge Pain: Face Your Fear

Well…that was an interesting couple of days. And what with the Cubs winning the other day too, I’m pretty sure we only have five horseman coming now…

But I digress. Today’s prompt has to do with the last time I faced a challenge. And the last time that I took a big leap, was literally the last time I took a big leap. You’ll recall my earlier post about ziplining. And now, #OnWednesdaysWeHaiku.

The long ride uphill
My daughter was excited
We got to the top

We got to the top
And climbed a little way more
Before the big leap

Before the big leap
Off the hill I went after
The long ride uphill.

Ziplining Mont-Tremblant

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      Hopefully it’s the one I saw go up today but haven’t read yet. Will get popcorn and come back. 😉

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