#NaBloPoMo: Time for a Review

When I did #NaBloPoMo last year, it was my first time, and I did it in part to see if I could (and would) write every single day. It was a great challenge, and similar to this year, I jumped in with both feet. I prepped WordPress with blanks, figured out where to go for prompt lists, and joined a couple of groups to encourage me along.

And similar to last year, I started out strong and then…fizzled. It’s really HARD to get inspired to write every single day. Especially if you’ve got three kids at home and (this year anyway), a second job as an Editor at RealityMoms.Rocks.

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers”]It’s really HARD to get inspired to write EVERY day.[/tweetthis]

But I’m happy to say that today is the 28th day straight of writing. And although there have been a few days where I’ve struggled, and (definitely) not been at my best, I have accomplished my goal of writing every day. And I’ve even gone through my folders and pulled out a few gems that needed some polish. And as I haven’t been writing as much as I’ve wanted to, it’s given me a new energy that I can use to push me through into next year. I’ve developed a few strategies to (a) make more time for writing; and (b) make more fulsome posts.

Not only that, but I haven’t been submitting my writing much beyond the blog since I started my editing job. And this month I managed to get out not just one, but THREE posts to other sites (they’ll be published in December, keeps your eyes open for them). And I even squeaked in an author interview with one of my faves, Christine Carter!

And although I’ve got two days left, I am confident that I’ll reach my final goal of posting every day for the entire month (yay me!) with a new post tomorrow and a Haiku for my finale on Wednesday.

Did you enter NaBloPoMo this year? How did you do? What tips have you got for me for next year?

I’m participating in NaBloPoMo and NanoPoblano for the entire month of November! Click on one of the badges below to read more.

NaBloPoMo November 2016NanoPoblano 2016
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  1. I’ve never participated but I have to say that you continually inspire me, Liv! You truly do. Thank you for showing us how to live our passions. <3

  2. It was my first NanoPoblano even though I am an AtoZ veteran (will be my fifth year this April). I was surprised I made it through but I was scheduling my posts about 5 days ahead of posting.
    Starting my annual Countdown to Christmas on the 1st, then back to brainstorming for AtoZ.

  3. I’m so impressed, Liv! I didn’t see one weak post here. I haven’t been able to keep up with everyday at Livbysurprise though, sorry to say. Still, I’m so impressed with your work and being able to post everyday is not an easy feat! I’ve never tried this challenge. I can see how it would motivate you to brush up on some drafts and push yourself beyond the limits. Good for you!!

    1. Author

      Actually, looking back, even though I felt a bit rushed at times, I’m not actually unhappy with anything I posted. Thanks for joining me Lisa!

  4. Congrats! Huge accomplishment! Three posts on other sites is like three large cherries on top AND extra hot fudge of the goal sundae! Well done!

  5. So proud of you!!! I am excited that I am doing it too. This is my first year. I came out of a major writers block to accomplish this so I am really happy!!!

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