Time for a Writing Journal? 1

I’ve been thinking about buying a writing prompt journal. I do have a lot to write about, however, making the time to do it is becoming a bit of a stretch. Between my day job, my night job, and raising three kids, I barely have time to pee most days, let alone find some undistracted time to do some writing.

But the question is—would a writing journal help to keep me accountable? Will I stay on task? Or, with all the other things on my plate, will writing continue to be the one thing that always falls off?

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#amwriting”]Will writing continue to be the one thing that always falls off my plate?[/tweetthis]

I can’t say for sure though unless I try. And I think part of trying will involve making time to do it. And monitoring that time in a visual way. So this is my plan. I’m getting that journal, and then I’m going to schedule time every day to write. Anything. Just as long as I’ve taken at least ten minutes a day to write. And then I’m going to put a big checkmark next to the time. As well, I recently re-joined the gym after a looooonggg time away. So I’ll add my gym days to the chart too. It’s almost like a potty reward chart for a grown-up. Hmmm…now I’ll have to figure out a reward. Prolly not chocolate because that would be the opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish at the gym.

What about you? Do you write? How do you stay on task?

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  1. I received a brand new beautiful journal for Christmas and I haven’t written a word in it. I need to make this time to do it too! We should hold each other accountable! What do you think?

  2. Potty reward…haha! Yes, I journal but not exactly writing about my life just random stuff. I also try to write my dreams down in the morning over my first coffee. It gets the brain going and challenges me to embellish and be creative in my descriptions. So, ya I think a prompt journal would be awesome, Liv. It would likely be a motivator for you. Sounds like you’re a pretty busy lady though!!

  3. Blogging keeps me going. I too feel sometimes that my writing is not enough or up to the mark but then I write more.

  4. I do write – as you know – but it’s all inspiration striking for the bigger things – and then deadlines and assignments for little things. I have a system.. that sort of works?

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