E-Books or Paper?  1

I know a lot of my writer friends would answer this question differently. The prompt for today asks if I would give up all of my paperbacks for digital.

While I know that my electronic device is not exactly safe for the environment, it pains me at work when someone prints something and then just forgets about it on the photocopier. I don’t bring copies of meeting agendas to meetings. I take notes as I need them, so I don’t need the agenda.

I grew up in the age of books though. My children have bookshelves full of books. And I have one small bookcase. But I rarely buy them physical books. The kids shelves are filled with the books that warmed my childhood. We’ve also received the favorites of my sister’s children and our friends. I’m all for used books and sharing books and giving away books and ensuring that the skins of my friends the trees are given as much life as they possibly can be. That they did not die in vain.

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#reuse #3Rs #NaBloPoMo”]I’m all for used books and sharing books and giving away books. [/tweetthis]

But, given my druthers, I’d much rather have e-books. If I had an unlimited budget, the time and the money for it, I’d just spend my days and nights reading and reading and reading. And after taking a break to eat and sleep, I’d read some more. And the good thing about e-books is I wouldn’t have to step out to the bookstore or the library. As long as I had wifi, I could get whatever books I wanted, whenever I wanted.

What about you? E-books or paper?

This post originally appeared on Live by Surprise on November 14, 2016.


  1. I love the feeling of books in my hands. I love the ability to write by hand. I think better on paper.
    I see the ease of ebooks, but I cannot fall into them in the same way.

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