Embracing Change: Time to Pivot

I’ve been dreadfully unhappy for an extended period. I think most of it stems from an awakening that happened as a result of my writing here. It’s brought me so many new opportunities, and I’ve found work that I really enjoy doing. As a result my “day job” (which was already soul sucking) made me feel even worse about what I was doing with my life.

With that realization, Hubs and I decided to start making some life changes to enable us (well, mostly me) to find my true course. We decided in June to move out of our suburban (read expensive) home and find something further out (read less expensive). The housing market was still reasonably hot where we were, and the equity in our home had built to a point where we could buy a smaller home in a less urban area and be left with a mortgage that could be managed on one income.

As we prepared for the move, my work issues came to a head. One morning on the way into work, I turned to my husband in tears. I told him I couldn’t do it anymore. And my husband (being the prince of a man that he is) turned around and took me home. I didn’t go back to my job after that day.

[tweetthis]One morning on the way into work, I turned to my husband and told him I couldn’t do it anymore. [/tweetthis]

The next day, I applied for a job at 3C Consulting. I’d been working with them for a while in my “off hours”. Julie Nowell is a queen and I’ve so enjoyed the “team” environment that I knew I could fit right in. Julie is all about empowering her team to make decisions, and she’s a wealth of knowledge that I knew I could draw on if I was planning to pivot. Not only that, but the job I was applying for would allow me to work from home. And given our new house is two blocks from the school, it would also allow me to spend a lot more time with my children.

And sure enough, Julie and team loved my application (which may or may not have involved an “Ain’t nobody got time for that” meme), and shortly after applying, AND within days of leaving my “day job,” I became a full member of the 3C team.

We moved into our new forever home last week. It’s a smaller house with a bigger yard. It’s in a quiet neighborhood at the end of a court. The neighbors have all been very welcoming. I’m not going to say it’s been easy – all the purging to fit into a smaller house, the inevitable conflict with my ex over the move, and all that with trying to dig down and learn a new job – it’s been far from easy. But I can say one thing for sure. For the first time in a very long time, I feel at peace. It’s a lot of change all at once, but I’m rising above it. I can see my path forward – and it’s all smooth sailing.

And I can also say, it’s likely time to update my 10-7-5. This decision is setting me on a new path and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

(If you’re considering making some big changes in your life and looking for inspiration, I very highly recommend The Art of Work: The Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do by Jeff Goins. There’s an affiliate link below – but I read the book from back to front prior to my own changes and was completely energized by it.)


  1. Congrats, Liv! This is so exciting. I had no idea you were in the midst of all these changes. I’ve missed you and not sure how I’m so late to your post :P. Keep on keepin’ on. This is inspiring for me, too!!

  2. Oh LIv, this makes me SO HAPPY to know you have made these HUGE changes so you can be more at peace and be more fulfilled too. I LOVE your husband… For him to drive you straight back home on that day? Oh, how that brings me to tears just thinking of how beautiful his support and love and concern for you really is…

    I had NO IDEA you were working for Julie! I can only imagine how AMAZING that is.

    Here’s to your NEW SEASON filled with more time home, a quiet neighborhood, less expenses, and much more peace. GOOD for YOU.

  3. Sometimes, change is necessary to break the monotony. I am glad you took the step.

  4. I am so happy for you! I’ve been there literally and thankfully my husband did the exact same thing. I can’t wait to hear more about it! Congratulations!

  5. It’s very brave to make that move! I’m glad it’s all working out for you and your family! And thanks for recommending that book. I’m definitely going to read it!

  6. Congratulations on the big changes, Liv!!! Soooo happy for you!!! (and cringing a little about the ex shenanigans that likely came along for the ride). So so so happy for your big change though. Hugs and love!!

  7. I am SO glad things seem to be on an upward spiral for you now xox

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