NaBloPoMo Baby Book for the Information Age

You guys…today, for the very first time, my son texted me…(wait for it)…in MEME. He’s texted me before, but this was the first time he ever used memes to get his point across.

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder. The memes were totally relevant and absolutely hilarious. I spent a few minutes laughing my ass off.

And then, I shared this remarkable achievement with one of my best friends. I told her that I felt like it should have it’s own special space in his baby book right next to his first steps and his first tooth. It’s like one of those milestones that will change the course of his development forever.

[tweetthis]My boy MEMED for the first time today! #proudmama[/tweetthis]

And my friend (because she knows me so well) suggested it would be even cooler if the baby book was completely made of memes. (Isn’t that awesome? I love her.)

And so now, I have to do a baby book. And I’m going to do it with memes.

He used his first app

And I was like…

He got his first email

And I was all like…

He fell for his first internet prank

And I was like…

He used a Steve Carell Meme in the right context

And I was like…

And some day, he’ll swipe right for the first time

And I’ll be like…

But all things told, I’m rocking this parenting gig

What do you think? Have I missed a milestone?


This post originally appeared on Live by Surprise on November 22, 2016. It has been updated and reposted.


  1. LOLOL!!! I SO wish I could meme my comment here. Congrats to raising a kid who now knows how to communicate with the most FUN and HILARIOUS media ever made! I’m totally tweeting this, so we can meme back and forth. #Myfavoritethingtodo 🙂

  2. LOVE it. I think seeing a moose or even just correctly identifying one (on TV or in a book, etc.) is big. I know so many adults who confuse elk, moose, reindeer, etc.!
    And of course, saying “fart.”

    1. Author

      Yes…my husband has suggested that I need to bulk up on my moose education after I (so he says) incorrectly identified a reindeer last week. I’m pretty sure it was a moose.

      Oh yes…fart. So important.

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