It's Time to #NaBloPoMo Again

This is going to be a hard one. I haven’t been writing for myself with any regularity for several months. But I need a restart. I LOVE writing and I need to get back to what I love. Part of it is because there’s still stuff going on in the background related to my other job (it didn’t “end” well…) and all the legal implications related to it. And it’s been very hard. Depression runs down my family line. I’m not there yet, but there have been clouds threatening for a few months. And my extreme degree of introversion means that not only am I more prone to try and avoid conflict, I’m also more prone to avoid talking about it.

Some days are better than others, and certainly, getting comfortable in my new life is helping. I’m loving our new home. Sure, there are some headaches. The former owner thought he was handy. He most decidedly was not. And Hubs has spent a lot of time on fixing those little annoyances. But we’ve pulled the carpet out of my office and laid a new floor. A fresh coat of paint, a new blind that looks out onto our fish pond. It’s all crisp and clean and very relaxing. And despite some days feeling overwhelmed, it’s so much better than it was. I can breathe again. There is a dark cloud that shows up some days and disrupts my sleep—but it’s not hanging over my head every single day.

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And with that ability to breathe, I’m going to take some time to have some fun. My workload can be heavy some days – but I’m going to make time for writing. I’m going to make time to go back to what I love to do. Because if anything else, it allows me the time to learn about myself and grow.

Are you writing in November? Are you joining #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or #NaBloPoMo? Let me know below so we can support each other! (I have the feeling that I’m really going to need it this month.)



  1. Go get ’em tiger!! You GOT THIS. Enjoy and embrace your words, your gifts, your passion. YOU are amazing in all that you do.

    I’m always SO impressed with anyone who can commit to this daily writing regimen- That takes serious dedication. I’m sooo excited that you are doing this, Liv.

    Maybe I’ll go for it next year.

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