Admission for National Sandwich Day: Sandwiches Are Not My Favorite

November third is National Sandwich Day. In the grand scheme, it doesn’t actually rate a paid holiday (I wonder if it should?), but I must say, even though I’m acknowledging the day, sandwiches are actually not my favorite. And as much as I can try to make them excited about school lunches, sandwiches are not my children’s favorite either.

Why? Because store-bought bread gets soggy. And sandwiches day in and day out gets boring. And I totally get it.

BUT – I do enjoy a well-made sandwich. I’m happy to have a fresh corned beef on rye topped with cheddar and a little bit of grainy mustard. Add in some salt and vinegar chips? And I’m in heaven. Pass on the big kosher dill though. I’ve never liked those. Although I discovered this week that NYC does a Pickle Festival and I think I really could be down with that.

Side note…”would you like to be interviewed by a pickle?” sounds like the start of a very dirty conversation…but I’ve digressed.

[tweetthis]”Would you like to be interviewed by a pickle?” #thatswhatshesaid[/tweetthis]

I have also been known to use my panini press to make some very interesting creations. A tuna melt. Canned tuna with a little bit of celery chopped finely into it and a big dollop of mayonnaise. Freshly made bread. Topped with a nice aged cheddar and sliced pickle. Pressed until it sizzles a little bit. That I could get into.

Or roast beef. Especially garlic roast beef. Again with a little bit of cheddar on top, a light honey mustard and grilled to perfection.

Oh…and speaking of grilled. I had a grilled brie and peach sandwich recently on an artisan bread. It was Ah-May-Zing. The melty goodness of the brie and the crisp sweetness of the peach. Perfection.

Or fresh garden tomatoes. I love a tomato sandwich. With bacon, mayonnaise (yeah, real mayonnaise) and lightly toasted bread. With a nice avocado guac and chips on the side.

OK. So I think I’ve just worked my way around it, and while I’d believed that sandwiches were NOT my favorite, it appears they ARE. As long as they’re not school lunch sandwiches with soggy bread.

What’s your favorite sandwich?


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  1. I used to love sandwiches and then we went to Myrtle Beach and decided to have a Subway sandwich at the beach. The meat, the bread, the heat and humidity I was sicker than a dog 30 minutes later. We ended up leaving that evening and I was sick for days. I haven’t been able to stomach any kind of sandwich sense.

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