I'm a Secondary Character...Content in the Background

There are some people on this planet who were made to shine. A lot of them don’t know it. Some of them try to live a quiet existence but everything they do turns to gold because of who they are. I have had the good fortune to more than my share. Most of them women. All of them in various stages of launching. I’ve become adept at spotting them. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been granted this special privilege. It’s almost as though they sparkle a bit. There’s an aura. And I feel very lucky to see it.

I am not one of those people. I don’t think I was meant to be one. Perhaps its a part of my extremely introverted spirit. But I’ve always felt like I was never meant to take a leading role. I don’t like to be on stage. I prefer to watch from the wings.

I think that my special superpower is not just that I can see that special spark—but also that I know how to nurture it. It’s like there’s an ember and I’m able to fan it into a flame from my spot in the background.

And I’m content to be a secondary character but only because it means that I can support and help to launch the lead. So many stars. Some of them will ascend to great heights. Some of them will pull back. But I’ll be there to watch. See the light grow within them. Help to nurture it and fan it. And be content. Content that my job has been done. Content to watch.

[tweetthis]We have an obligation to lift each other up.[/tweetthis]

But I think that as a woman, whether we can see that spark or not, that’s what we’re meant to do. To lift each other up. To try to make each other believe that we’re destined for the stars. If we’re the lead, we still have an obligation to support others. And to try, intentionally, not to bring others down.


  1. Ah, this is so beautiful. And I see you ‘fanning the flames’ of SO MANY leads out there on the stage- and honestly, I think it’s the people behind those bright stars who are the richest. They soak it all in, feeling fulfilled and content- and the stars often are too exhausted from the spotlight to really understand the depths of their brightness. But YOU do. I think I’m much like you. I’m not made to be in the spotlight- but rather love and support and nurture those who are. The only difference I see in this is that we, the secondary characters, have our own bright light too. It just shines internally.

    Either way, no matter which character we all are- we are always better building each other up with affirmation and encouragement. Women thrive on such things- no matter their role.

  2. I agree, Liv! I like that you can spot the shining, sparkling people even if they don’t see it themselves. This book looks interesting, too. Hope you’re doing well.

  3. I love this!!! I love that you help them be the spark that they want to see in the world.


    p.s. I also prefer not to be in the spotlight. <3

  4. I feel I’m the same way. I have no desire to be in the spotlight, but I like designing websites for women who have that spark.

  5. I love this post because you are such a kind and giving person! I dont think of you as secondary at all!

  6. I love that you have this outlook, and I know so many people who sparkke more because of your friendship, your encouragement, your knowledge, and your care. We who know and adore you are very lucky. I don’t think that makes you secondary though. I struggle with that. If life is an ensemble production then it absolutely needs all of us.

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