Fight or Flight: Embracing my Gray Hair

When I was a child, my mother instilled in me a love of my hair color. Although there were times that I had a love-hate relationship with it, I’ve come to enjoy it and actually think it’s one of my best features. I’m one of the estimated 1-2% of the population to have naturally red hair. With a wealth of Welsh, Irish and Scottish ancestors, it makes me feel like I’m embracing my genetic destiny.

My locks are not a fiery red like my mothers, but more a strawberry. Their hue changes with the seasons, blonder with the sun, and deeper and richer with the cold weather.

My mother, for all of her talk, heard vanity’s call and started dying her own gray hair when she was in her forties (as unlike people with other shades, reds typically start going gray much later in life). Thanks to a very dedicated hair professional, my mother’s flaming locks have not extinguished.

And although my shade is not as intense as my mother’s, although I’m pushing into my mid-forties, the unicorn strands of sparkle had, until this year, been appearing one at a time. But of late, they’ve started clustering. And not only on my head.

Now get your head out of my pants. I’m talking about my eyebrows. Which, behind my glasses, are starting to go very Mr. Magoo. And while admittedly, I keep the tweezers at the ready to pluck those stiff, unruly bastards from my face (although I don’t quite have car tweezers yet), I have been working to embrace the silver that is starting to encircle my crown.

Not to say I haven’t considered enhancement. With all the gorgeous pastels and I understand even temperature changing dyes will soon be available, I think I might consider adding a little purple or pink under lights once my full mane is complete.

What about you? Are you embracing the gray or dying it away?


  1. Grey not really a problem for me, mine just keeps disappearing :(. I’ll blame are hair fiasco’s on stupid exes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  2. Liv, your hair sounds gorgeous! I am dying away the grey. I have strands of silver but it’s not super noticeable—YET. But my natural color is a mousy brown so I do live for highlights to brighten my face.

  3. I haven’t had any white eyebrows yet, must be my dark hair coloring, but the top of my head is white if I don’t dye it. It looks like a giant flashlight on my head. I’ve been dying mine my natural dark brown for years and will until I can’t any more or I’m bald whichever comes first!

  4. I am beginning to notice one or two strands of silver. My hairdresser told me to leave them alone or they’ll come back worse!!! I will keep dying the fringe and hope I go salt’n’peppery. I think pink would look fabulous on you

  5. I soooo wish I could see your hair and your FACE! Reading this helps give me a bit more of an idea, and I love that. 🙂 I am the only blonde hair blue eyed person in my family- all have dark hair and eyes. They always used to poke fun that I was switched at birth. My grandmother (mom’s mom) had my features, so I was named after her.

    I have gotten more and more grey hairs the past few years- and of course, they SURROUND MY FACE… so I always have an inch of grey and it bothers me greatly. It’s the one thing I really get concerned about because I think it ages me so much. I do NOT need more help with that. So I “Nice and Easy” my hair when I can’t stand it any longer… which is about every other month.

    1. Author

      It’s weird how they surround your face isn’t it? There must be a scientific reason for it. Maybe that hair gets more sun or something. (And we will see each other in person some day. I know it.)

  6. I gave up dying my hair around 4 years ago. I have, however, considered putting a hint of bold color in my hair. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    The white eyebrow hairs though..they have got to go

  7. Mine’s naturally red. It was flaming when I was a child and got more auburn by the time I was a teenager. Initially my grays just looked like highlights but it’s getting denser now. If every strand turned gray at once I might stay au natural, but it just looks freaking weird unless I color it! I refuse to get into the regular routine and expense of salon color. But my stylist suggested buying permanent color at a beauty supply shop rather than using the drug store brands in a box. I’ve yet to try it.

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