Celebrating a Tremendous Legacy

Whew. Over six months since I’ve written anything here. I feel good about that. My life has been busy, but happy. I’m finally feeling like I’m in a place where I can breathe fairly easily. Mostly. Mostly because I’m worried for my mother. And for hers. My Nan’s health hasContinue Reading

Value the Air You Breathe

Sometimes I just feel like America is doing it wrong. Don’t get me wrong—I am proud to live here—and I’m happy for all of the freedoms that we have. I just feel like I’ve seen other countries that have some things more…figured out. Look at the things we do toContinue Reading

I Almost Had a #MeToo

As I completed high school and started college, I got a job in a law office. This was the late nineties and computers were around, but we were just starting to learn how to use them and were still very much using typewriters for office tasks. My boss (who wasContinue Reading

Normal Coparenting...vs Me

Scene: A typical phone call between two peaceful coparents (or at least how I imagine it, as I’ve never actually witnessed one.) Peaceful coparent #1: “Hello PC2! I know you’re driving, Are you OK to talk?” Peaceful coparent #2: “Oh Hi PC1! Yeah, I’m handsfree, I’m OK. But we’re already heading toContinue Reading