I Almost Had a #MeToo

As I completed high school and started college, I got a job in a law office. This was the late nineties and computers were around, but we were just starting to learn how to use them and were still very much using typewriters for office tasks. My boss (who wasContinue Reading

Am I Selfish?

I don’t generally approve of the whole “selfie” craze.  Kimmie and her “Selfish” book (which damnit I’m not linking to because that girl gets so much spotlight I’m surprised she doesn’t have a permatan) are, as far as I’m concerned, part of what’s wrong with today’s society. People are soContinue Reading

Apples and Quince and Figs? Oh My...

So a not too well-known thing on here…but I’m reasonably skilled at baking. I think it’s a family trait passed down on my father’s mother’s side. I’m reasonably good at guestimating how much to put in of things, and I’ve become pretty good at figuring out what kinds of thingsContinue Reading

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

I have been having a horrific time sleeping of late. And last night was no different. I’ve (sadly) become reliant on a nightly sleep aid, and last night I decided to try something more natural (on the recommendation of my doctor). It was incredibly unsuccessful. I spent a good halfContinue Reading