Embracing Change: Time to Pivot

I’ve been dreadfully unhappy for an extended period. I think most of it stems from an awakening that happened as a result of my writing here. It’s brought me so many new opportunities, and I’ve found work that I really enjoy doing. As a result my “day job” (which wasContinue Reading

E-Books or Paper?  1

I know a lot of my writer friends would answer this question differently. The prompt for today asks if I would give up all of my paperbacks for digital. While I know that my electronic device is not exactly safe for the environment, it pains me at work when someoneContinue Reading

The Year 2016 - In the Rearview

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. You might recall that last year, I “borrowed” a tradition from my friend Tamara Bowman at Tamara Like Camera, and answered a series of questions about my 2015. Well…I’m going to keep it going, and have even added a few questions on this year.Continue Reading