#NaBloPoMo - Living my Fandom

Today’s NaBlo prompt asks if being a fan helps to define who I am. I don’t think it does. But I think I’m a fan because my favorite show (and character) and I have similar mindsets. If this isn’t your first time here, you know that I am a hugeContinue Reading

What If...

Sometimes I like to fantasize about my dream job.  Selling coconuts on the beach would be interesting.  Especially as it’s getting colder.  Sometimes I think about that.  But it would mean walking all day (which I like to do, but would make my leg sore)…and I don’t imagine you’d makeContinue Reading

Sorry my dears – I’ve got a new piece going live tomorrow – you’ll have to check back in then.  In the meantime: You could go and check out my May the Fourth post from last year… And – as my good blogging friend Lizzi Rogers has written an incredibleContinue Reading