The Circle Continues

I’ll bet you were expecting a microstory weren’t you?  YeahWriteMe has decided to move in another direction and won’t be providing weekly prompts for my 42-word microstories any more. So, while I look for another project, I’ll jump in with a haiku this week using the haikuhorizons prompt “spring”. Nature’sContinue Reading


The prompt on haiku horizons today is “poem”.  It got me to thinking about what makes good poetry. To write a good poem You must express emotion In lyrical form.   Live by SurpriseWant Live By Surprise in your inbox?  Click here to join our mailing list or follow Live by Surprise onContinue Reading

Name Your Fear

Conventional wisdom suggests that naming your fears will help you to conquer them.  While I have few remaining vestiges of the mental health trauma I experienced after the accident, I have discovered that I have developed a fear of enclosed spaces.  Specifically – I have a fear of long underwaterContinue Reading

The Tools for the Job

The prompt for this weeks’ haiku on haiku horizons is “cat”. I am more of a dog fan…so I took a different look at it. Be invisible. Light touch, soft steps, ninja stealth – The cat burglar’s tools. Image credit: chanpipat / Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?Continue Reading

The Cucumber has Left the Salad

Today, I thought maybe a little laugh. The haiku horizons prompt is “fly”. Discrete hand gesture. Eyes twitch, silently pleading – YOUR FLY IS UNDONE! What’s your favorite way to discretely tell someone that their barn door is open and the horse is escaping? Image Credit: hin255 / WantContinue Reading

Holding Pattern

This weeks prompt on Haiku Horizons is mind – which works perfectly – as I’m laid up with the flu. Don’t mind me too much The plague is going through my house Mom’s last one to fall.  Image credit: David Castillo Dominici / Want Live By Surprise in yourContinue Reading

Spring Awakening

Spring rain forms puddles cleansing my battered psyche of winter regrets. Image Credit: Dr Joseph Valks / Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?  Click here to join our mailing list or follow Live by Surprise on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin for the latest updates! Live by SurpriseWant Live By SurpriseContinue Reading

Leap Day!

Every four years, we get a whole extra day! I always try to use Leap Day for reflection – to figure out who I am and ignite some personal growth. And as today’s haiku horizons prompt is “Leap”, I wrote a haiku! Extra day – BONUS! Time to reflect on yourselfContinue Reading


After an eventful weekend, I’m in the mood to put a political spin on today’s prompt from haiku horizons. The prompt is “spider” and “spin” is certainly the operative word. Weave, little spider Spin the message to deceive Tallest tale wins race. Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?  ClickContinue Reading

Simian Antics

The prompt on this week’s haiku horizons is “monkey”. Of course, I’m intimately acquainted with the species, having given birth to three of them. My poem this week is also inspired by a sick day home with my youngest. Monkeys swing from branches Mine lies ill in his soft bedContinue Reading