Cut to Pieces

His spit hit her cheek as he breathed, “You’re fat. Worthless. I don’t know why I keep you around.” She cringed internally as the last pieces of her self-esteem shattered.  The wounds would never fully heal; even after they found his body. Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?  ClickContinue Reading

Liar Liar

Turns out, our entire relationship was based on false pretense. Your age. Your job. Your “happy” family. Even your hair color. Your sweaty brow betrays the heat. Stop trying to hide the smoke! The spell is broken. I can see the flames. Image Credit: Natara / Want Live By SurpriseContinue Reading

Auto Draft

A cake smash with the first.  Blue icing covers your smiling face. One for each passing year. More milestones. Daycare. Graduation. College. Career. Marriage. Your children light them, cracking fire truck jokes. Until one day…your number is up.  Then, no more. Image Credit:  Dynamite Imagery / Want Live ByContinue Reading

Wandering Time Is Come

Shesh, my brown bear, looks back – Sesi, white as snow, at his side.  Genen, old and wise, leads with his sister, Qimuki, a strong puller. I place my mukluks on the runner and brace myself for a long, cold supply run. “MUSH!”     Live by SurpriseWant Live ByContinue Reading

Lonely at the Top

My fictional response to this weeks’ YeahWriteMe prompt “What’s at the top?” had me imagining what it would be like to have “made it”. My eight-figure salary, palatial penthouse on Park Avenue and this exquisite view of the New York City skyline are all a result of my grit andContinue Reading

The Deadly Passenger

After extraction, the spaceport doctor let us take the parasite home. “He can’t re-infect now, he’s too big.” Dillon put him in a tank and named him Bitey. Too bad the doctor didn’t realize Bitey was a she. When the eggs hatched… Image Credit: vectorolie / Want Live ByContinue Reading

False Security

The button was installed under her desk too close to her knee. She’d hit it accidentally before and everyone came running. This time was different. He’d shown her his “vest.” If she hit the button, silent or not, they’d all be dead. Image Credit: stockimages / Want Live By SurpriseContinue Reading

They Went for Miles...

“I’m sorry, what was…” he paused, taking in her cloche hat, Marcel waves, blood red lipstick, pearls, and full-length white linen coat, wondering how far those gams went. Extending her hand, her head tipped demurely. “Hattie.” Interview over. The job was hers. Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?  ClickContinue Reading