Normal Coparenting...vs Me

Scene: A typical phone call between two peaceful coparents (or at least how I imagine it, as I’ve never actually witnessed one.) Peaceful coparent #1: “Hello PC2! I know you’re driving, Are you OK to talk?” Peaceful coparent #2: “Oh Hi PC1! Yeah, I’m handsfree, I’m OK. But we’re already heading toContinue Reading

Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

When our divorce decree allowed for splitting expenses for our children in half, I thought it would be easy. All things being equal, with two kids, half means I pay for one kid and he pays for the other, right? [tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#coparenting”]With 2 kids, half means I pay for 1Continue Reading

Down the Road Again

I didn’t write about it here…but at Christmas, the Goblin King and I had another wobble.  Although we have a very specific holiday agreement, it’s not in the court order.  And although I strive wherever possible to ensure that we’re both on the same page well in advance of eachContinue Reading