Ignorance is not Bliss: How Do You Teach Someone Who Cannot Learn? 1

My eldest son, Puck, has a learning disability. He can learn. And given the right environment, with some accommodation, he actually learns very well. The person who doesn’t learn is his father. He hasn’t learned that negative feedback to a child with learning disabilities just lowers their confidence. He hasn’tContinue Reading

I Will Do Better Next Time 1

I started this blog to help me to come to terms with my out of control co-parenting issues. It was supposed to help me to hold my tongue with my ex—because I’d done all of my ranting here. But yesterday, I didn’t do that. Yesterday, my daughter got sick atContinue Reading

Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

I’m so very new to the Twitter community.  I’ve been on Facebook for about five years, but my real exposure to Twitter started only a few weeks ago.  My Facebook years have allowed me to stay in touch with people I would not normally have had the opportunity to.  It’sContinue Reading