It’s funny how time seems to pass so quickly that you don’t notice.  Sometimes things that you wanted to do pass you by and you can’t do them any more. When I was in my twenties, I worked with a rather remarkable little woman.  She was about my mother’s ageContinue Reading

I Wouldn't Change a Thing 1

Whenever somebody new comes into my life and becomes aware of my continual issues with my ex-husband, I always, always, always get asked the same question. Especially if they’ve had some opportunity to meet him. Why did you marry him? They’re truly perplexed that the woman before them—who seems soContinue Reading

Coparenting: Splitting Expenses without Losing Your Mind

I’m so very new to the Twitter community.  I’ve been on Facebook for about five years, but my real exposure to Twitter started only a few weeks ago.  My Facebook years have allowed me to stay in touch with people I would not normally have had the opportunity to.  It’sContinue Reading