Don't Blink...It's the Plants 1

This post came about a number of ways.  First I read this hilarious post by Michelle Poston Combs at Rubber Shoes in Hell.  I’ve met Michelle – and she’s awesome.  If you’re not following her, you should.  I giggled at the hilarious exchange between Michelle and her husband Randy.  BecauseContinue Reading

Nonsense from the Goblin King - #NaBloPoMo

The Goblin King (my ex) is escalating again.  Our agreement with the mediator was that we’d send one e-mail per exchange, detailing any pertinent information regarding the children.  Yesterday, I received three. The third one could have easily been dealt with, but it’s now gotten into the area of bizarre.Continue Reading

Sorry guys – I don’t have a ton of time to write today but I thought I’d bring you a few Goblin Kingisms from this week’s e-mails (you’ll recall my previous posts on his issues with acyrologia): “I feel that you may have underling (sic) issues.” “When I stated aContinue Reading