Name Your Fear

Conventional wisdom suggests that naming your fears will help you to conquer them.  While I have few remaining vestiges of the mental health trauma I experienced after the accident, I have discovered that I have developed a fear of enclosed spaces.  Specifically – I have a fear of long underwaterContinue Reading

My New Mission

I had an interesting thought the other night, as I sometime do (this is in between my regular night time discussion with myself about how weird it is that we have a room in all of our homes that we enter with the specific purpose of becoming unconscious for 6-8Continue Reading

Four years ago today (December 15th), I had a very bad car accident.  I’ve written about it before: I Am NOT a Survivor Every Day is a Gift Thrivingthrough Post Traumatic Stress Enjoy the Sun! Writing about it has given me some peace.  I struggle internally sometimes – because IContinue Reading