Seven Ways I Knew He Was "The One" 1

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have learned the hard way that there are some relationships that are just…wrong.  Thankfully though, I’ve also discovered that there are also relationships that are just…right. Looking back, I know there were signs in my first relationship.Continue Reading

My son was just over two when I left, and my daughter wasn’t even born yet. I knew at the time that it was the best thing – and I still do.  However, the problem with leaving a situation like that when your children are too young to have formedContinue Reading

With the holiday approaching, I ventured out yesterday to pick up Valentine’s cards for Hubs and the kids.  Despite not really appreciating the commercial element of the holiday, I still do that.  I always like the little extra attention as a kid.  The reminder that my parents loved me.  Continue Reading