Am I Selfish?

I don’t generally approve of the whole “selfie” craze.  Kimmie and her “Selfish” book (which damnit I’m not linking to because that girl gets so much spotlight I’m surprised she doesn’t have a permatan) are, as far as I’m concerned, part of what’s wrong with today’s society. People are soContinue Reading

Am I Selfish?  The Mom and the Selfie Stick

Today, I went out and purchased a “selfie-stick.” Not because I want pictures of myself with a perma-duckface or because I’m self absorbed and vain. I’m over at Sammiches and Psych Meds questioning whether my new purchase is turning me into a Kardashian. Follow Live by Surprise on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin. Live byContinue Reading