Auto Draft

A cake smash with the first.  Blue icing covers your smiling face. One for each passing year. More milestones. Daycare. Graduation. College. Career. Marriage. Your children light them, cracking fire truck jokes. Until one day…your number is up.  Then, no more. Image Credit:  Dynamite Imagery / Want Live ByContinue Reading

Lonely at the Top

My fictional response to this weeks’ YeahWriteMe prompt “What’s at the top?” had me imagining what it would be like to have “made it”. My eight-figure salary, palatial penthouse on Park Avenue and this exquisite view of the New York City skyline are all a result of my grit andContinue Reading

False Security

The button was installed under her desk too close to her knee. She’d hit it accidentally before and everyone came running. This time was different. He’d shown her his “vest.” If she hit the button, silent or not, they’d all be dead. Image Credit: stockimages / Want Live By SurpriseContinue Reading

They Went for Miles...

“I’m sorry, what was…” he paused, taking in her cloche hat, Marcel waves, blood red lipstick, pearls, and full-length white linen coat, wondering how far those gams went. Extending her hand, her head tipped demurely. “Hattie.” Interview over. The job was hers. Want Live By Surprise in your inbox?  ClickContinue Reading

Less of a Blessing, More of a Curse

Foresight. It’s a “gift” I’ve been told. It’s not been my experience. I watch again, detached, as the foretold plays into reality. Yep.  There’s the knife.  Pierces right through my chest. Damn.  That hurts! Well…at least it will end the reruns. Image credit: hadkhanong / Want Live By SurpriseContinue Reading

Inside my Dryer

Inside my dryer A mystic portal exists Where socks go to die. I put the socks in But they always come back out Minus their match’d pair. On the other side A gnarled beast licks his coarse lips. “Socks for lunch again??!!” Image Credit: Gualberto107 / Want Live ByContinue Reading

The Cheese Stands Alone

SNAP! Hard footsteps pound towards the noise as I escape. Heart throbbing, I scurry behind the wall and out of sight, tasting the prize but unable to swallow it. “Little bastard gets the cheddar every time! I give up. Call an exterminator.” Image Credit: Suat Eman / Dont’ wantContinue Reading

The Bridge of Brodgar

This week’s YeahWriteMe challenge involved a photo prompt.  The above photo of the Bridge of Brodgar inspired today’s microstory and follows the continuing stories of the Troll and Magdelene. Near the milestone, the troll watched, gnarled feet edging the loch. As the water drained, Magdelene spied a queer opening under the bridgeContinue Reading