Why I Should Have Waited to Marry

10 Things I Learned About Sex After My Divorce

In America, it’s common to get married young without a lot of sexual experience. Oftentimes, people who marry young have had one to two partners prior to their spouse – and even in today’s landscape, it’s possible to marry your first lover. After marriage, sex becomes vanilla.  After children arrive, you get into parenting, and Read More

Why I Should Have Waited to Marry

Who Fills Your Bucket?

A few days ago, Flower’s preschool had a tea in advance of Mother’s Day.  One of the boys there, in Flower’s class, I had just learned was destined to “marry” Flower (according to his mother).  I was a bit surprised.  I was aware that she’s played with this particular little boy – as her father Read More

Getting Your "Sexy" Back after Divorce

Getting Your Sexy Back after Divorce

For most women, the decision to divorce, whether our own decision or someone else’s is the proverbial rock bottom.  Our confidence takes a huge hit.  And the idea that we could ever be seen as desirable to someone else (or desire someone else for that matter) seems impossible. But I can tell you (from experience) Read More

Merging Households

Merging Households: 5 Ways to Make Common Financial Goals

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. One of the failings of my first marriage was our approach (or rather lack thereof) to managing money. I admit freely that I did not have a mature understanding of budgeting, and my ex, although he was much older than I, had learned to manage money by using his Read More