Bringing Your Emotional Baggage into Your Next Relationship After Divorce 1

Unbacking Baggage Before a New Marriage

When I first remarried, a co-worker of myself and my husband remarked, “your husband must be very patient if he’s willing to take on you and your children.” I found the comment incredibly insulting. Granted, I was a bit of a wreck after my divorce and the car accident but my husband and I have Read More

Riding the Rollercoaster - Co-Parenting with Disneyland Dad 1

Coparenting with Disneyland Dad

I know I’m not the only one who feels like I’m failing in the popular parent contest.  My ex constantly takes the kids to theme parks, buys them cool toys, and in general, lines himself up for parent of the year by bribing the judges.  Do you ever feel like you’re co-parenting with Disneyland Dad? Read More

Not all wounds are visible: Insights into marriage with a narcissist 1

Moving Past Narcissistic Abuse and PTSD

“When you leave, he’ll invent stories about you.”  The narcissist in my life started inventing those stories long before I left.  He couldn’t take the blame for anything, so logically, everything was my fault. As much as I like to think that I’m out from underneath the abuse, I still feel it. One Christmas I Read More

4 Steps to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

4 Steps to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

You know that you’re getting over-stressed when your four-year-old grabs you by the face and tells you that you need to breathe.I’m totally vague-blogging here…but there have been some “surprises” that have come up at home this week and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  At one particularly stressed moment, little Bae took my face in Read More

I Refused to Say I Love You Because I Didn't Mean It

I Refused to Say I Love You Because I Didn’t Mean It

The process of falling in (or out) of love with someone can be very complicated. The movies make it all about that one moment where two people’s eyes meet across a room and there’s an instant connection. I’ve found that in practice, this is rarely true—and it certainly never has been in my case. I Read More

Business Attire for the Working Mom 1

Business Attire for the Working Mom

The one thing about being a working mother is—no matter how hard you try to leave the house without some bit of something on your clothing, you can’t. It must be some weird physics thing—there’s like a vortex or something from the moment you put on new clean clothes. Oh, you can think you’ve left Read More