After an eventful weekend, I’m in the mood to put a political spin on today’s prompt from haiku horizons. The prompt is “spider” and “spin” is certainly the operative word.

Weave, little spider
Spin the message to deceive
Tallest tale wins race.

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  1. I m just curious..are they all spiders? If so, which is the Brown Recluse? I have my opinion; just wondering what yours is. Great metaphor

    1. Author

      I’m not sure. A number of them are certainly venomous. And there may even be a black widow in there.

  2. Yes, I want to suck them and their webs up with my vacuum cleaner. I much prefer the arachnids in my garden because they eat the pests. Those imitation spiders you wrote about, on the other hand, are pests…

    1. Author

      I’d rather have those in my garden than my house. And yes…it would be nice if we could get rid of the others. I’m not certain what purpose they serve any more.

  3. very clever… loved it 🙂

  4. Reminds me of the book Charlotte’s Web. The candidates need a spider like her. Lol!

  5. The hairy loud mouthed one is the most dangerous 🙂

  6. Hmmm I was looking for a juicy story lol and then I found politics…they should simply spin each other…or is it the media spinning us!

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  7. I hope we elect the right person for the job. Its hard to really see what the person’s intentions are with all the webs that are spun. Loved the poem.

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